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When we think of file storage for our PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, we sometimes lose site of the fact that space is not infinite. Just like our cars, homes and “living” space, there is a limit to what we can store. Although increasing exponentially with technology, our devices are limited, and we need to make adjustments in deciding what to keep and what to discard. As with MP4 files, these require a lot of storage capacity and limit our options when using on the go devices such as tablets and smartphones.

How do we solve the MP4 conundrum? Cloud storage has help immensely in freeing up space on your tablet or smartphone, although there are limits especially when you have limited or no access them. It is a great way to put your files in a spot where they do not take space, but its not a long-term solution for on the go devices.

We have all seen those advertisements for the Space Bag Vacuum Seal, which is a fancy term for a product that lets you put more “stuff” into a smaller space. This product sucks the air out of the bag which shrinks your cloths, offering more space in your luggage. With MP4 files there is a similar solution, which compresses the file into something more manageable and takes less space in your device. This comes in the form of an MP3 file which significantly shrinks the MP4 file into something smaller and more manageable. You might not understand the technology behind this, but it will significantly make your life easier and save you money.

An MP3 file is the solution to the larger MP4 file and can make those long-haul flights a bit more manageable with downloaded videos and music. Unfortunately, they cannot solve the plight of the middle seat in economy class. Converting and free mp3 download on Musicpleer file into an MP3 is very easy and can be done through various file converters and on a number of devices. Many of these are available for free and can be easily accessed. What converter you use depends on your device and software, so be sure the requirements are met when downloading. By converting from MP4 to MP3 on SongsLover your device will be a whole lot useful and provide all the videos and music you require, right at your fingertips.

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